@calebslain told us he had never blown fire before, we personally find that hard to believe. check out his film work to see what else he’s made up. What are you posting for #WHPslowmotion#Phantagram

Another portrait of photographer and all around badass @tpainter#Phantagram

Introducing @Hunter_Hampton_ who is one half of Grand3ur. When Hunter isn’t busy cleaning cocaine out of his ears, you can usually find him in the fetal position surrounded by his three children and a hundred thousand dollars worth of broken camera equipment. Hunter is the epitome of the modern creative turned Dad and is loving every minute of it. #PhantagramFollow

This weekend @tpainter has some of his photography work featured in the 100|50|1 event in SF, if you happen to see him there be sure to give him a high five and a lovingly slap to the face from us at Grand3ur. Oh and check out his feed over @tpainter if you happen to enjoy pretty pictures.Follow

Smashing Pumpkins in slow motion is the natural thing to do the day after Halloween. Someone was going to do it might as well be us. #Phantagram


Happy Halloween! @saysthefox showed us how scary ghosts really are. Hide your kids. Hide your wife. Check out her feed and to view the beautiful world through her eyes. #Phantagram


We set up a High Speed Booth at @conscious_minds Halloween party. There is plenty more where this came from. A full edit of the night is coming this week. #Phantagram

The beautiful @saysthefox has wonderful photography. Make sure you check out her work. She is the first in our series of portraits of Instagrammers.#phantagram


Introducing @petercote who is one half of GRAND3UR, Peter loves the scent of fresh laundry, has a weakness for greasy Mexican food and is one step away from being a full on cat lady. #phantagram #selfie

Youth #phantagram